Second Transnational Project Meeting

The second partner meeting was an event that brought together the representative participants from all six partners involved in this strategic partnership. It was held in the premises of the Federal Institute for Agricultural Economics, Rural and Mountain Research (BAB) in Vienna/Avustria during October 14-15, 2021. BAB was mainly responsible of the logistics and organisation of this meeting and the coordinator organisation for the preparation any other documents for this meeting. The host partner made all needed practical arrangements and provided information to the participants.

The main objectives of the meeting are to evaluate the flow of the Project and activities to date, to make a joint assessment of the works carried out to date and works to be done on intellectual outputs, and to clarify the outcomes that lead to the fulfilment of the aim and objectives of the projects. After registration, the meeting was started with the welcome speech of T.RESL, who is the Head of Federal Institute, and he gave information about the Institute and their works and then the Project coordinator N.GÜMÜŞAY made a presentation and summarised the works done so far and works to be done related to each intellectual outputs. She also informed the partners about the financial issues The main topics of high importance in the meeting are Intellectual outputs (E-Book, E-Learning Modules and Short Video Shows) and dissemination of the Project outputs and LTT Activity which will be fulfilled in Spain.

In the first session IO4-E-book related subjects were mainly discussed. D.NOLL from UEVORA made a presentation on the recap of E-Book structure, agreements and work plan. The participants exchanged their views on proposed structure of the E-Book which has been prepared by Portugese partner. An open discussion has been held on  best practice examples, coordination between E-Book, E-Modules and Short Videos. At the second session before afternoon G.WIESINGER delivered a presentation on E-learning modules. In his presentation he mainly gave a detailed information about the works done, current situation and planned activities regarding IO2-E-Learning Modules. Participants exchanged their views on the content and planned units of E-Learning Modules. In the third session M.BETTONI informed the participants on their works on IO3-Short videos such as the purpose, content and language of the videos, timeline, etc. All the presentations have already put on the Project website.

In the second day, a technical excursion was organised by BAB to Munderfing, Ried im Innkreis and Taiskirchen im Innkreis, which is one of the pilot regions where the pilot case studies will be carried out by Austrian partner.  In the municipality of the Munderfing, the Local Management Leader and Mayor delivered a presentation on a citizen based participatipn scheme and an open workshop fabrication laboratory which supports social capital. Then we visited this laboratory mentioned.

Then, as the Project group, we were taken to Ried im Innkreis and visited the House of Sustainability which is a local initiative run by a cooperative promoting sustainable practices in the region.  Finally, we moved to Taiskirchen im Innkreis to visit the Austrian Foodcoop “incorporating natural food, social responsibility and consumer-producer cooperation”. We have been informed on about their region and works they have successfully realised so far in the region through taking advantage of the regional participation and networking. Lessons learned from regional participation and network communication in the region were shared with the Project group.

Presentations & Documents

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