Project Kick-Off Meeting

Due to COVID-19 measures the meeting was held online on 30th, April, 2021. This initial meeting was to get to know each other and learn about the partner organisations

In the first session, Project Coordinator on behalf of the Project applicant partner –UTEM- welcomes all the Project partners’ representatives and thanks them for being present at the meeting. She invited the partners to introduce their organisations, key staff participating at the event and their activities or scope of work. The representatives of the partners made a presentation introducing their institutions, key staff and themselves.

In the second session, Project Coordinator presented the key financial and administrative  project requirements. The partners were informed about the Project management issues, budget, purpose, objectives, target audience and timetable and budget of the Project. She shared the approved budget by Turkish National Agency with all partners and requested that they work with the updated figures.

In the interactive session, the project partners discussed the current situation, roles and responsibilities and the timeline for the project activities.

In the last session of the meeting, Project, Management Committee was established. Project Management Committee was composed of the project leaders and their alternates from each partner institution Project Handbook and Quality Assurance Plan have been approved by the Project Management Committee.

Presentations & Documents