Fourth Transnational Project Meeting

Fourth Transnational Project Meeting

The Fourth Transnational Project Meeting was held online on 08 November 2022 since the Agenda of the meeting was not very busy and the most of the work related to intellectual outputs was almost completed. The representatives from all Project partner institutions participated in the meeting.

Polytechnic University of Madrid was responsible for organising of this meeting. They drafted the meeting agenda with the contribution of the other participants.

The main topics of the meeting:

  1. Latest information for the extension of the Project by the coordinator
  2. State of the work and additional requirements for each intellectual output
  3. Primary information for the Final meeting
  4. Requirements and deadlines for the Final report

The meeting started with the welcome and introduction speech by the coordinator N. Gümüşay and then she shared the latest information on the project extension process with the representatives of the Project partner institutions and presented the project timetable, which was updated in accordance with the extended project duration, and explained the remaining activities of the projects.

The agenda was unanimously adopted before moving on to the next session.

In the first session, M.Bettoni briefed about the current situation regarding the output of Short Videos. She informed that all Videos have already been completed and translated to native languages of the partners except Turkish videos so far.

D.Noll from Evora University gave a brief information about the latest status of the E-Book Then we exchanged ideas on how we should proceed in the translation of the E-Book to the native languages. Then T. Oedl-Wieser took the floor and summarized the latest situation regarding E-Learning Modules that are the output for which they are responsible. The Coordinator announced that E Learning Platform has already been created and launched and they have already started to upload the some outputs to the E-learning Platform.

In the second session, the coordinator gave preliminary information about the Final Meeting and its draft agenda and the Multiplier Event. Then she answered the questions from the partners on this topic. In the second  part of second session, she mentioned the documents and information that the partners must submit to the leading partner for the final report and she made explanations about their contents. She requested from the partners to send a short information indicating the works done on Project dissemination and project quality management by the partners and the timesheets.

The meeting, which started at 16:00 (Istanbul time), ended at around 18:20.