Final Project Meeting

FinalTransnational Project Meeting Minutes

Fifth Transnational Project Meeting (Final TPM) took place on 07 March 2023 at the meeting room of Occidental Hotel in Ankara with the participation of representatives of all Project partners. Project Coordinator, N. Gümüşay welcomed all the Project partners’ representatives to Ankara, thanks them for coming at the meeting and provides some brief information about the meeting schedule.
All practical arrangements such as travelling, accomodation, providing information to partners, etc. and all organisations have been made by UTEM which is the host partner for these events.
The main topics for the final TPM as follows:
1-Open discussions on Lessons Learned from project implementation
2-Open discussions on dissemination, sustainability and follow-up activities after the end of the project
3- Review of the preparatory works for the final report of the project and other issues
As seen in the program, the main focus of the meeting was the evaluation discussions about the activities carried out and the follow-up activities after the project will end.
In the first session, the coordinator has asked some questions to the meeting participants concerning the issue of lessons learned from the Project such as whether the project objective was achieved, what could be done better about the project, what we did right, what difficulties were encountered and what suggestions they make for future projects.
All the participants gave their opnions during this session. In general, all of partners agree that we achieved the goals of the Project despite COVID-19.
About the question of what could be done better, M. Bettoni observed that in the beginning we could do a more extensive kick-off meeting to better define the interconnection of the tasks. In fact, due to covid restrictions, we had to hold the kick-off meeting online. M. R. Mendez remarked that some budget could be put in place for professionals to travel and to help the Project team create higher quality videos. D. Noll reflected that it could have been clearer from the beginning what the online platform will look like what kind of platform will be used for it and that through this we could save some time.
Regarding the question of what we did right with this project, all partner representatives expressed their satisfaction with the results and outputs of the project. They stated their appreciation for the good interaction, cooperation and collaboration among all partners during Project lifetime. They also mentioned that all the Project meetings have been organized very well, the visits to the pilot regions were quite useful. In addition, the participants reflected that planning, budget and time management and flexible management of the Project are among the things that have been done right.
After a coffee break we moved to the second session in which we discussed sustainability and follow-up activities after the project ends.
Project coordinator stressed that all partners are responsible for the sustainability of the project but the Ministry of National Education is the leader partner for this task. In this context, B. Evren from MoNE gave us information about what preparation they have done in order to open the Social Capital course at the Public Training Centers, MoNE and what further work they will do in the future. She also informed us about the current situation of pilot study which has been carried out during these weeks. The participants reflected their ideas and suggestions about this issue.
T.OEDL-WIESER from BAB apprised us of their plan to organise a dissemination workshop in Austria to spread the results of the Project.
J. M. D. Puente suggested that they may also put the links of the Project website and e learning platform for the short videos and other outputs on their institutional website.
M. R. Mendez proposed that the short videos could be uploaded in YouTube in order to be seen more people.
In the last session, we briefy went through the dissemination questions of final report. The coordinator asked the Project team members what kind of work they are doing on dissemination in their countries and what kind of work they will do next. After a brief discussion among all partners on what more could be done about the Project dissemination and sustainability, the meeting ended at 1:00 p.m.
On the second day, Project Final Conference (Multiplier Event) was held at Ankara Mövenpick Hotel in order to share the project results with all stakeholders. Approximately a hundred people, twenty of whom were foreigners and eighty of whom were locals, participated in this event. Following the opening speeches of UTEM Director and Coordinator of International Relations Unit of UTEM at the conference, the project coordinator and project partner organizations’ representatives delivered their presentations introducing the project outputs to the stakeholders.
On the third day, a technical trip was organized to Ayaş district of Ankara, where the Leader and employees of the Local Action Group were visited at their offices. The Leader of the Local Action Group made a presentation about the establishment process of Ayaş Local Action Group, their works, their planned works for the future and answered the questions of the participants.
Then, the project group was taken to the paragliding site, on which a paragliding runway had been built by the Local Action Group. They informed the group that this place was built within the scope of the Local Development Strategy especially to contribute to local tourism and that in the summertime it was very active and very crowded. They also mentioned about the other projects they plan to do. Following the lunch, the project group headed to Beypazarı, which is another authentic district of Ankara. When arriving in the town, the group was briefed on the touristic, historical and agricultural structure of the town. After the city tour and free time, the program ended by returning to Ankara at 19:00 in the evening.

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