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What is Social Capital ?

Why SOCIALCapital ?

Project Objectives

Social capital is “capital” that increases the social, political and economic effectiveness of society. Its main elements are consisted of interpersonal trust, social networks, norms, institutions and participation. The components, types and use of social capital by individuals in rural areas are of great importance for rural development policies.

Social capital plays an important role in the regional and rural development strategies of the European Union (EU). Similarly, in recent years in Turkey, social capital has also become a very important concept in rural development policies. Strengthening of social capital is essential for developing rural areas, increasing entrepreneurship and its sustainability, strengthening rural governance and local capacity and developing rural cooperation  as Turkey has series problems in each of these areas.


The number of (both economic and social) entrepreneurs is inadequate, especially in rural areas in Turkey. Social capital enables entrepreneurship and facilitate entrepreneurs overcome resource restrictions. Into day’s world, financial capital alone is not sufficient for entrepreneurial success. Social capital is an important resource in ensuring the effective use of social networks.


There are a number of problems with agricultural organisation in Turkey due to the lack of good management of rural/agricultural organizations and human resources. The development of social capital in rural areas will contribute to the elimination of these problems related to rural organisation.


This need is felt not only for traditional agriculture / rural production-related activities, but also in the governance of short supply chains and rural tourism marketing, which leads to significant changes in the dynamics of the rural areas. The number of failed enterprises in this field is increasing. This is because people do not have the skills to work together within these newly created structures. For this reason, the strengthening of social capital in the rural communities is urgently needed.


The project is designed to prepare a set of training modules on the subject of “Social Capital in Rural Communities for Rural Development” for adult trainers in the Ministry of National Education (MoNE), who will train the rural people after attend a short training course on the subject and and for all stakeholders. The training set will include E-Learning Modules for adult trainers in Public Training Centers of MoNE and for all stakeholders, Short Video Shows for rural people and E-Book: Current Situaton and Good Practice Examples accross Europe on Social Capital for all stakeholders.

Project Goal

«to contribute to the increase of the rural entrepreneurship, development of social solidarity and organisation in rural areas, and the improvement rural governance through providing learning opportunities tailored to the needs of rural people on social capital.»

Project Objectives

  • to provide an extensive training program for the adult trainers from MoNE who will train the rural residents/people on the subject of “Social Capital in Rural Communities for Rural Development”.
  • to develop E-Learning Training Modules and  Short Video Shows and also elaborate E-Book: Current Situation and Good Examples of Social Capital accross Europe.
  • to raise awareness of rural people on Social Capital issues through training courses held by Public Training Centers and auxillary training material which will be developed within the Project.

The target groups of the projects will be adult trainers at MoNE, experts in MoAF, local people especially local leaders, farmers and  entrepreneurs  in selected rural areas and all stakeholders.

  • Development of E-Learning Training Modules and Short Video Shows as learning tools.
  • Elaboration of E-Book: Current Situation and Good Examples of Social Capital accross Europe
  • Short training course for trainers from MoNE, experts from MoAF and ESOGÜ
  • Increased awareness/knowledge of rural people on subject of the social capital in selected pilot areas.
  • In the long term, contribution to the increase of rural organization and entrepreneurship as well as the improvement of rural governance.

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